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Garlic bread
Pita bread
Taramosalata (Fish roe dip)
Tzatziki (Yogurt & garlic dip)
Melitzanosalata (Eggplant with garlic & oil)
Tonosalata (Tuna dip)
Skordalia (Potato puree with olive oil & garlic)
Fava (Pea puree)
Tirokafteri (Spicy cheese dip)
Talatouri (Yogurt, garlic & herbs dip)
Htipiti (chopped feta cheese with red peppers dip)
Patatosalata Potato salad
Feta (Greek cheese with oil & origan)
White cheese
Grilled Feta cheese Grilled feta cheese
Home made Olives
Fried zucchini
Fried eggplants
Eggplant slices rolled with feta cheese & tomato
Fresh French fries
Potatoes in the oven
Potato stuffed with spinach, mushrooms, bacon & cheese
Grilled potatoes with garlic
Fried zucchini balls
Fried chick-pea balls
Flogeres (Fried pastry stuffed with ham & cheese)
Cheese saganaki (Flambe cheese)
Shrimp balls*
Shrimps saganaki* (Shrimps cooked with tomato & feta cheese)
Fresh mushrooms stewed in wine
Mussels saganaki* (Mussels cooked with tomato & feta cheese)
Fried octopus balls
Fried cuttlefish balls
Octopus salad
Fried sausage
Keftedakia (Pan fried meatballs)
Fried chicken*
Special fried “Cohyli”
Keftedakia Ifestou (Meatballs in spicy tomato sauce)
Bekri meze (Pork cooked in fresh tomato, chilli pepper & red wine sauce)
Veal tonque with oil & origan
Spetsofai (Greek sausages cooked in fresh tomato & chilli pepper sauce)
Livers with oil & origan*
Lahmatzoun (Minced meat cooked in tomato sauce on top of a pita)
Tiropitakia* (Small cheese pies)
Spanakopitakia* (Small pinach pies)
Variety of appetizers, by choise


Greek salad (Tomato, cucumber, pepper, onion, olives & feta cheese)
Cohyli salad (Rusk, tomato, sun-dried tomato, caper, pesto, feta, oil & vinegar)
Tomato salad (Tomato, cucumber, pepper, onion, olives)
Lettuce salad (Romaine lettuce, onions & olives )
Gabbage salad (White cabbage with slices of carrot)
Chicken salad* (Grilled chicken fillet, lettuce, onions & ¨Cohyli¨ sauce)
Ceasar salad
Seasonal greens (boiled)
Beetroots with garlic


Fresh fish soup (Served with vegetables)
Today’s special soup


Spaghetti Napolitan
Spaghetti Bolognese
Rigatoni a la creme
Spaghetti with mussels*
Spaghetti with shrimps*
Spaghetti with sea urchin
Spaghetti with lobster (per kilo, pre order)

Cooked with oil

Green beans (Green beans cooked in tomato sauce)
Green string beans (Boiled, served with olive oil & lemon sauce)
Vlita (Boiled blite served with olive oil & lemon sauce)
Imam baildi (Stuffed eggplants with onions, garlic & tomatoes)
Briam (Combination of zucchini, potatoes, onions & garlic in tomato sauce)
Okra (Gumbo in tomato sauce)
Dolmadakia (Stuffed vine leaves with rice & minced meat)

Sea food

Shrimps* (Grilled, fried or boiled)
Shrimps in mustard sauce*
Shrimps in chilli pepper sauce*
Shrimps in wine sauce*
Calamares (fried squids)*
Cuttlefish (Grilled)
Octopus (Grilled)
Sea shells
Salted fish
Fried tope* (served with skordalia & french fries)
Fried salted cod (served with skordalia & french fries)
Fresh Cod
Sword fish 200gr
Fried small fish
Mayatiko (Fish fillet)
Fresh fish A’ & B’ category (per kilo)
Lobster (per kilo, pre-ordered)
Special fish with salad


Pork Souvlaki (Chunks of Pork marinated in our Cohyli's herbs & spices served with lettuce salad,
Pork Chop (Marinated & grilled served with french fries & rice)
Lamb Chops* (Marinated & grilled served with lettuce salad, tzatziki, feta, rice & french fries)
Liver (veal) (Marinated & grilled, served with pan-fried onions, french fries & rice)
1/4 Barbeque Chicken* (Marinated & grilled, served with french fries & rice)
Chicken Souvlaki Dinner* (Chunks of Chicken marinated in our Cohyli's herbs & spices served with lettuce salad, tzatziki, feta, rice & french fries)
Chicken Fillet* (Chicken Fillet marinated in our Cohyli's herbs & spices served with rice & french fries)
Veal Steak (Marinated & grilled, served with mushrooms, rice & french fries)
Bifteki (beefburger, served with french fries & rice)
Loukanika (Greek sausages fried or grilled)
Chicken cutlets*
Turkey cutlets*
Lamb Chops* (per kilo)
Mix Grill for two

Main Dishes

Stuffed Tomatoes (With rice, Samian herbs & minced meat)
Moussaka (A very popular dish made with layers of eggplants, potatoes zucchini & minced meat, toped with bechamel sauce)
Roast Lamb (Lamb sliced & topped with natural juice in the oven & served with roast potatoes)
Roast Chicken* (Chicken roasted with oil, lemon juice & orιgan, served with roast potatoes)
Chicken Stew* (Chicken cooked in tomato sauce served with rice & fries or spaghetti)
Chicken a la Cohyli* (Slices of chicken cooked in tomato & mustard sauce)
Rooster Stew (Rooster cooked in tomato sauce served with rice & french fries or spaghetti)
Octopus with makaroni (Slices of octopus cooked with pasta)
Rice with Sea Food*
Pasticcio (Macaroni with minced meat & bechamel sauce on the top, oven baked)
Cuttlefish in wine & tomato sauce(Slices of cuttlefish cooked in tomato & wine sauce, served with rice)
Beef Stifado (Boneless beef cooked with whole onions in tomato sauce)
Yiouvetsi (Boneless beef cooked in tomato sauce, served with pasta
Stew beef (Boneless beef cooked in tomato sauce, served with rice or french fries or spaghetti)
Soutzoukakia (Meatballs showered in tomato sauce with rice & french fries)
Rabit Stifado
Shrimps a la Cohyli* (Shrimps baked in fresh tomato sauce & feta served with rice & potatoes)
Exohiko (Slices of lamb wrapped into pastry with yogurt & herbs, served with rice & french fries)



Mineral Water (500 ml)
Mineral Water (1500 ml)
Sparkling Water 250ml
Soda water 250ml
Bitter lemon 250ml
Lemonade 250ml
Cola 250ml
Orangeade 250ml
Orange juice
Fresh Orange Juice
Ice tea


Amstel (500 ml)
Heineken (500 ml)
Mythos (500 ml)
Fix (500ml)
Alfa (500ml)
Kaizer (500ml)

Draft Beer

Alfa (300ml)
Alfa (500ml)

Retsina Wines

Retsina Samos (500 ml)

Retsina from the barrel

(250ml, 500ml, 1l)

White Wines

Samena (750ml)
Sec (500ml)
Golden Samena (375ml)
Golden Samena (750ml)
Psiles Korfes (750ml)
Ageri (750ml)

White Wine from the barrel

(250ml, 500ml, 1l)

Rose Wines

Fokianos (500ml)
Selana (750ml)

Red Wines

Angaios (750ml)

Red wine from the barrel

(250ml, 500ml, 1l)


Ouzo Samos bottle (200ml)
Ouzo Samos double distilled (200ml)
Tsipouro bottle (200ml)
Glass of ouzo
Samos brandy
Metaxa 3*
Samos doux dessert wine (glass)V
Glass of white wine
Glass of red wine
Souma glass
Whiskey Special

Long Drinks




Greek coffee
Nes café
Frappe (iced coffee)
Freddo espresso
Freddo cappuccino


Homemade preserves
Yogurt with honey



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Our garden restaurant is located in the village of Ireon close to the fishing port.

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